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The market for real estate properties in Bulgaria

2008 started with increase of the prices for the newly constructed buildings. The average sale price for the last year of apartments, bought before being built /”on green”/ was 550 EUR per sq.m. and by the moment they are offered at 750 EUR per sq.m.  The tendency for the prices is to continue rising and the main reason for this is the customers keep buying properties to invest. The old buildings are also attractive and the advantages are the easier repayment of the mortgage, as well as a price over the real surface with minimal public parts included.  

The trade areas are quite probable to be supplied more than to be demanded, as the main reason for this is the increased construction of trade areas in Plovdiv as Grand in Kapitan Raycho Str. and Hot Spot Centre in the Main Street, as well as some projects, which are to be completed by the end of this year. This will probably be the reason why the rents for the trade areas will keep on the same level. 2008 keeps the tendency for building malls.

The interest for land with changed statute on the road Plovdiv – Asenovgrad is big, because of the good communication and the proximity with the Krumovo Airport.