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Помощ при сключване на договор за наем

For the last 2007 there happened a lot of events, which significantly influenced the market of plots in Sofia. Due to the quieter market of regulated real estate properties, the greater part of the investors turned to not regulated properties in the town plans, and the continuous rise of the Bulgarian investors towards lands, destined as mixed multifunctional areas and areas for public service and planting. 

Evroinvest Estates LTD actively invests in the increase of the qualification of the agents, engaged with mediator activity in the sphere of terrains. This is absolutely necessary, with the increased interest of the market of plots and we can suggest competent consultation and actual information in this field.

There are some interesting facts in the presented research for the end of the previous year for the market of real estate properties:

- in terms of real estate properties Bulgaria takes first place in the world;

- Bulgaria takes third position in Europe, in the bottom of the table, in terms of prices of real estate properties.

Having this information, we can note that the market of plots will develop intensely in a few directions:

* The intense supply and demand in the new regions of regulation plan of Sofia;

* After confirming the information about the closing down of the Kremikovtsi Plant, particularly attractive become the long-term residential areas in Lokorsko, Voynyagovtsi, Podgumer and Gnilyane;

* The great interest will continue in the regions of Kostinbrod, Petrich, Slivnitsa and Opitsvet.

The incoming requests of clients show that of great interest will be the mineral water spots.